The 4 Elements – The Diffuser Blends


The Elements- The Diffuser Blends – Introductory offer at €75

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So excited to bring you the sell out Elements collection in diffuser form, master blended by Kotanical. Create your own sanctuary in your home or workspace with these luxurious spa like scents.

10ml Per Bottle = 200 Drops

Hand Bottled and Shipped from Dublin


Earth – Anchor and ground with a blend of High altitude Lavender, vetivert and Frankincense 

Fire – Ignite and Inspire with a blend of Wild Orange, patchouli and Lime

Water – Calm and soothe with a blend of Lavender, Sandalwood and rose geranium

Air – Energise and uplift with a blend of Grapefruit, peppermint, lemongrass

These stunning diffuser blends can be added to your Kotanical Diffuser with water as directed. ❤️

How To Use your Element Blend

Simply add 5 – 8 drops to your diffuser. Follow these instructions to make the most of your diffuser blend:

  • Ensure the diffuser is switched off.
  • Remove its cover and its internal plastic lid.
  • Fill up the water tank using 100ml of water maximum.
  • Add 5 -8 drops of your Element Blend
  • Replace the diffuser’s lid and cover.
  • Turn on the diffuser.
  • Select the setting of your choice for intermittent bursts of scent or a constant fragrant mist.

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